Pacchi organizzati su pallets alll'interno della piattaforma logistica di Pompei del Tgroup.

The new headquarters of Pompei is already operational

20 April 2015

Tgroup is a construction project. This month has been made operational the new headquarters of Pompei, used to distribute goods to the Sorrento Peninsula and part of the coast, Gragnano, Pompeii, Castellammare di Stabia, Angri, Torre Annunziata and Torre of the Greek with the aim of serving more and better customers working in this area.

How we choose our locations?

The choice of the location of our operating units is optimized based on the demand for logistics services, a demand driven by the offer. That of Pompeii is an area that is a strong pool of freight traffic, able to use a connection coordinated with our other logistics platforms in the area.

Logistics platforms involve a considerable added value as regards the supply of services to support the exchange of goods by improving the efficiency of the logistics cycle that becomes able to offer, given the possibility to have more points, a service of delivery and collection of goods with greater speed and timing.

The speed of the service in this way, reducing the time of the entire logistics cycle, allows the accuracy and timeliness of delivery of the service.

The dynamics are evolving and the opportunities to be seized are those who can equip first to create more points of “support” in the territory.

The quest for efficiency in logistics requires the creation of platforms next and linked together to deal quickly and escape the demands of urgency. In response to this need arises the need to extend the network of the company.

We try to invest and get the most from ‘use of production systems and resources available. We have long been integrated in the activities that more attention to the respect for the land and the environment. We have electric vehicles that allow us to enter the LTZ. Clean and efficient vehicles that ensure higher quality standards resulting environmental benefits and safety for the circulation.