Interno della piattaforma logistica di Teverola del Tgroup.

The Teverola’s platform became operational

8 June 2015

We located in Teverola (CE) Area A.S.I. a new attractive platform for its location. The industrial area dell’A.S.I. Caserta is the first in the South and the fifth in Italy: the agglomerate is between the 52 areas of national development. Objective and institutional role of the Consortium for the Industrial Development Area (ASI) of the province of Caserta are the promotion and development of entrepreneurial activities in the fields of industry and business services, in line with the broad socio-economic planning the Campania Region. Tgroup has on its territory a complete set of services and infrastructures for the freight. These structures, in the vicinity of the areas of commerce, favoring the exchange of goods between the various transport systems. With this we extend our network by adding 3,000 square meters of logistics, taking our place in an area that offers cargo services, storage and preparation of loads, providing an area for collecting and sorting just where is the need of the services.