Tgroup. The Transport Logistic with a unique perspective

10 June 2019

Bringing Tgroup into international markets. The Transport Logistic experience opened to us an unforeseen perspective: companies need to be unique. We are gradually approaching international markets and we have reasons to think that the unique features which define Tgroup have been recognized by those companies we have got in contact with.

During the four days at the fair we have maximized the chances to meet exclusive partners, such as Giuseppe Terraccino and Eugenio Grimaldi – Executive Manager Commercial & Logistic Grimaldi Lines, Maurizio Amato and Franceso Abate – Director at ALIS Service –. They agree with us about how important it is to organise modular transport services which can also be combined rather than simply follow a per-constituted standard. We also had an “inner” exchange with Antonio Terracciano and Maurizio Amato about the opportunities which came with this fair.

Knowing the other is a prerequisite to any commercial action when managing an open and ongoing discussion in order to establish bidirectional partnerships. This kind of approach leads us to solidify the trust in our partners. This proves to be of great importance since in this sector it is through a well thought-out geographical location – in relation to the right partners – that huge results can be achieved.

In order to build up and preserve our values we have refused to identify with any “company model” whose purpose is to encompass us inside profit-driven schemes.
Being open to opportunities and responding to new stimuli, acknowledging environmental issues. Today companies are asked a brand reputation which is also supported by credible and concrete interventions. But we can do even more than that.

Proving to be able of preserving these qualities in the international scenario is our goal. The path leading to future has just moved its first steps in Europe.